• Image of Matteo Quatrefoil Quilt

The Quatrefoil Quilt, our best selling item from Matteo, gently kisses your bed as a final touch of a well kept slumberer. Perfect for all seasons with just the right combination of cotton and cotton batting. With repeated use and proper laundering, Matteo linens will become softer, smoother, more absorbent and luxurious. Linens meant to be beautiful for generations.

Inspired by a four-leaf symbol of the same name, Quatrefoil is a beautiful collection of quilted shams and quilts featuring a pattern popular during the Gothic Revival and Renaissance. The use of white contrasting thread in the quilting pays homage to the skill of the original European masters by highlighting the complexity and intricate details of the quatrefoil pattern. At home, machine wash with cold water, separate dark colors and tumble dry.

100% cotton, cotton batting, garment washed
Available in White, Earth and Black
Sizes in Queen, King
Style: Quatrefoil

Matteo's mission statement is to awaken the spirit of American manufacturing by fashioning sewn textiles. Crafting products to help people feel better, creating jobs to help people work better, building communities to help people live better. We proudly carry Matteo's fine bedding at Egg & Dart in Newport, Rhode Island and offer complimentary shipping to our online guests.